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The Cemetery of Hunan Braves

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Image of The Cemetery of Hunan BravesImage of The Cemetery of Hunan Braves

The Cemetery of Hunan Braves

“The Cemetery of Hunan Braves” was designated as a municipal monument on August 29, 1998. There are six ancient graves. All were engraved with “ZhuoSheng Zuoying”, the left wing of ZhuoSheng battalion. The restoration was completed in August, 2020.


ZhuoSheng battalion was one of the five Hunan battalions in the Qing army. The Hunan battalions were commanded by Sun Kaihua, a Brigade General at Zhangzhou in Fujian, to reinforce the coastal defense force because of the Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1874). In 1881, some soldiers of the ZhuoSheng battalion died and were buried in Tamsui. The victory in Battle of Tamsui during Sino -French War earned Sun Kaihua instant fame and made the battalion a legend.


All of the inscriptions on the gravestones reveal that those soldiers died in different months of 1881. Their names, ancestral home Hunan Province, and "Guyong", ( “gu” means the deceased and “yong” means the lowest military rank) were also engraved.  Inscriptions were engraved with recessed letters, with similar calligraphy style and size. Presumably, they might have been crafted by the same soldier.


The location, where some prehistoric relics were found, is of historical significance. It sits within Guanzhenlin Archaeological site of Xuntangpu Culture and Dabenkeng Culture.

Image of The Cemetery of Hunan BravesImage of The Cemetery of Hunan Braves

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