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The New Taipei International Art Village, NTIAV

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 The New Taipei International Art Village, NTIAV The New Taipei International Art Village, NTIAV

The New Taipei International Art Village is previously a training center for Taiwan's first golf club, "Taiwan Golf & Country Club," close to the Hobe Fort, Tamsui Martyr's Shrine, Tamsui Itteki House, Cloud Gate Theater and many of the scenic sites. NTAV and these scenic sites are situated on the first hill of the Tamsui Five-Tiger Hills. It was previously known as Wuchupu, where the beautiful scenery can be caught easier than anywhere else in all of Tamsui area.   


Starting from 2013, Tamsui Historical Museum started organizing artists in residence programs in order to cultivate the cultural and creative talent in Taiwan. The Museum also cooperates with the sponsor of artistic and cultural exhibitions. For example, the 2013 "Seeking LOHAS Artists" program, 2014 "Waterfront Art" artist presentation, and 2015 "Art Light Rail" series, were held to strengthen the local humanistic characteristics and activate the network of art and culture resources.   


Starting from 2015, the Tamsui Historical Museum has taken additional value of traditional products through artistic, cultural and creative elements into consideration due to the trend, so the Museum continues to recruit artists-in-residence while also expanding the introduction of the brand management capability of cultural and creative workers by recruiting micro cultural creative teams to use the studio as a base. The museum intends to integrate with the abundant artistic and creative forces in Tamsui area to become the operating center for cultural creative teams promoting in different fields in order to cultivate cultural creative industry talent.


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Application InformationStationing recruitment plan of  New Taipei International Art Village is announced in May or June every year.