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Cheng Family Abode by the Gongsitian River

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Cheng Family Abode by the Gongsitian RiverCheng Family Abode by the Gongsitian River

Between 1736 and 1795 in Qing Dynasty, the ancestor of Tamsui Cheng Family, Yao-Shi Cheng, who left from Jinjiang County in China and settled down in Taiwan. The exact year of the house is unknown. According to scholars' and experts' presumptions, the old house was built prior to the Sino-French War in 1884. It is said the military troops had stationed here during the Tamsui battle of Sino-French War, where they encircled and defeated the French military. The residence is a typical three-sided courtyard farmhouse surrounded by bamboo reeds and water, which is a traditional building of local farmhouses. The five fire-rebound dual protection style building adopted a "golden horseback" design for the roof ridge, and the walls were built by the local Anshan rock together with bricks on the outside. The holes on the walls provided defense against bandits; the outer gable wall "Chuan Wa Shan" is the protection for the bricks from rainwater dampening. It is rare to see among the similar buildings in Tamsui Area, which fully demonstrates the beauty of old buildings and the wisdom of the ancestors.

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