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Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence (Little White House)

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Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence ( Little White House )Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence ( Little White House )

In 1858, following the Second Opium War, Taiwan was forced to open its ports for trade under the Beijing and the Tienjin Treaties. 4 years later, a customs office was established in Tamsui following the opening of Tamsui Port. Initially, there were only a few foreign customs officers, most of whom lived in the customs office building or rental houses nearby. Tamsui Customs administration then purchased a piece of land in 1866 and subsequently built official staff residences in 1869. 


The building has a square layout and a splendid view of the Tamsui River and Mt. Guanyin. The foundation of the building is elevated 3 feet high, which allows humidity to be carried away through the square-shaped ventilation holes by the flowing breeze. The structure is a classic colonial-style building known as a "bungalow." It was nicknamed "Xiao Bai Gong," meaning "Little White House" due to its ash-white appearance. It features ash-white outer walls, a terrace with a magnificent view, a veranda with arched columns, and a vintage fireplace.

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