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Hobe Fort

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Hobe FortHobe Fort

Following the Sino-French War (1884-1885) and the Battle of Tamsui, the government of Qing Dynasty decided to construct 10 new forts across Penghu (Pescadores), Keelung, Hobe (Tamsui), Anping (Tainan), and Qihou (Kaoshung) to strengthen Taiwan's coastal defense. In 1886, Hobe Fort or "Bei Men Suo Yao," meaning "Key to the North Gate," was built by the appointed governor Liu Ming-Chuan. 


In 1886, Liu Ming-Chuan hired German technician Max E. Hecht to oversee the construction of the fort, basing its design on the blueprints of German forts. The construction was completed in 1889 and included 4 cannons imported from Britain. The words "Bei Men Suo Yao," were engraved at the top of the entrance of the fort in 1886 by the Governor Liu himself. Since the fort was never involved in any warfare, its main structure is well remained till today.

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