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Hobe Mackay Hospital

Hobe Mackay Hospital Hobe Mackay Hospital

Hobe Mackay Hospital was the first western hospital established in northern Taiwan and named accordingly in commemoration after Rev. Mackay received a donation to build the hospital from his Scottish relative, the widow of Captain Mackay, then residing in the United States. 


The hospital administration was considered to have very high standards for the time; having carried many case files, medical reports, documented through a very organized and thorough registration system for first time patients as well as subsequent visits with health care education provided to patients in its waiting area. In 1884, during the Sino-French War, the hospital was also instrumental in saving many soldiers' lives from battle wounds. Due to its future needs, the hospital was relocated to Taipei City in 1912, known to us as The Mackay Memorial Hospital. 


The original Hobe Mackay Hospital structure was also designed by its fundraiser Rev. Mackay complimenting the  southern Fujian style in combination with western windows and doors, making for an intriguing cultural blend. Interestingly enough, although the building went through several renovations, most of its earlier appearance remains intact.