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The Tomb of Rev. Mackay

The Tomb of Rev. MackayThe Tomb of Rev. Mackay

The tomb of Rev. Mackay is located at the center of the Mackay Family Cemetery inside Tamkang High School. In this western cemetery, Mackay's tombstone, erected by his students, stands the tallest. The front of the tombstone bears the English inscription whereas the Chinese inscription is engraved in regular script on the back. The tombs of Mrs. Mackay and Mrs. Cong-Ming Zhang sit on the right of Rev. Mackay's tomb in accordance with Taiwanese custom.


The purpose of the tomb is to commemorate not only Rev. Mackay's accomplishments as a missionary, but also his efforts in soothing the Taiwanese people's hatred toward foreigners. The shape of the tombstone's obelisk is unique to Chinese tombstone crafting, so it has been used as an example for those who wish to study the art form.