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Tamsui Church

Tamsui ChurchTamsui Church

Reverend Mackay arrived at Tamsui in the year 1872. He rented a place soon after his arrival and later turned it into a meeting place for religious services, medical practices, and educational seminars. The following year, after some of his followers were baptized, he established a church at another rented location. As his followers grew in numbers, Rev. Mackay bought a piece of land and established a larger church, which then became the birth place of the Northern Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. 


In 1932, the church building started to crumble, but was rebuilt nonetheless, sometime later in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Rev. Mackay's arrival to Taiwan. The project was designed and supervised by Rev. G.W. Mackey, son of Rev. Mackey. The structure comprised pointed pillars, arched windows, as well as reinforced strengthening interior brick work. The expanded rigid frame held the rooftop while the outer walls showed orderly yet varying red brick patterns. 


Today, many churchgoers still congregate at the Tamsui church to partake in its familiar traditional services.