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Oxford College

Oxford CollegeOxford College

After sharing his accomplishments in the far east with the people of his Canadian hometown, Rev. Mackay returned to Taiwan in 1882 and established an educational institution using the donations he received from his Oxford County. In honor to the contributors, the college was named "Oxford College." Rev. Mackay employed modern educational systems utilizing the most advanced technology of the times to inspire students. He introduced them to western thinking and cutting edge scientific knowledge, further broadening their worldview. As a result, Tamsui became the fountain of western education in Taiwan.


Oxford College was built mimicking the traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard style, having been built by local craftsmen using materials imported from Xiamen, China. Up top we can see  a pointed-tower sitting upon a southern Fujian styled roof of red tiles. While on the building's exterior, we can view interesting western style doors and windows.