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Tamsui Longshan Temple

Tamsui Longshan TempleTamsui Longshan Temple

Tamsui Longshan Temple was built during the early Xian-Fong Period of Qing Dynasty. It has been said that the temple was partly destroyed during an earthquake soon after its completion. But with perseverance winning out, the people rebuilt the temple in 1858, so its followers could continue in the worship of Guanyin Buddha. As this is one of the five Longshan Temples in Taiwan built by Qing immigrants, it served as the religious center for those from Quanzhou and Fujian province of southern China.


Despite the many renovations, the preservation of Tamsui Longshan Temple is still pretty authetic. The temple faces east and has two halls connected by two corridors as well. The roof line, sculptures in clay and decorations on the wall are complicated and delicate; as well as the exquisite and detailed wooden sculptures inside the temple, not to mention the vivid stone dragon pillars at the entrance. The temple itself is considered an extremely fine work of art and prized possession.