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Statue of Rev. Mackay

Statue of Rev. MackayStatue of Rev. Mackay

"Burn out rather than rust out!" by Rev. George Leslie Mackay. The Statue of Rev. Mackay is located on the old street (Jhongzheng Road). It is a bust of an impressive, bearded man. Rev. Mackay (1844-1901) born in Ontario, Canada. He was chosen as the first Canadian Presbyterian missionary in his 28th year. On 9th March 1872 he arrived in Tamsui and learned the local Taiwanese dialogue. Rev. Mackay taught Christianity to the people in Tamsui, as well as western science and medicine. As an evangelist, teacher, medic, and never-tiring missioner, Rev. Mackay played an extremely important role in the history of northern Taiwan. His legacy includes Hobe Mackay Hospital, Tamsui Church, Alethia University, Tamkang High School, Tamsui Girls' School, a nursing school, and the anthropological ethnography entitled "From Far Formosa: The Island, Its People and Missions&rdquo."