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Tamsui Girls' School

Tamsui Girls' School Tamsui Girls' School

As Rev. Mackay witnessed the low social status and lack of education of women in Taiwan, he raised money from woman's groups abroad to help solve the problem. In 1883, the first girls' school in Taiwan began its construction on the east side of Oxford College, and was opened for school the year after. This move undoubtedly broke the ice and women were finally able to receive an education after such a long period of suppression; by opening up their views, they were able to gain better social status.


In 1907, Tamsui Girls' School was reopened and adapted to Japanese educational system. The original building was in bad shape, so the renovation began in 1915 and was complete a year later. The school is a two-story traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard style building with bricked arch verandas and green glazed vase railings in front. The side facing the mountain bears the brick carving of the school name in both Chinese and English.